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Rooftop Snipers is undoubtedly a little confusing sniper game. It is a two-player, two-button amazing game to engage.

If you can play this game with your friend, you will find it more entertaining. In case you are playing alone, you can practice the game against the PC and enjoy this intense gameplay. 

This game is for those who are brave enough to join in a mind-blowing crazy duel over the rooftop. The actions that you need to play along are shooting and jumping and shooting. Yes, these are the only two actions that you need to carry out in the game, and remember, you need to focus and select the accurate time for shooting so that your enemy is thrown from the rooftop.

You can be sure a pro player if you possess some sniper skills in this game. You can easily win the game if you can make the enemy fall from the roof five times.


  • There are different themes and weapons in each round for you to discover. The most deadly weapon available in the game is termed as - Bazooka.
  • In the two-player mode, you can play with your friend, and if you wish to play alone, you can play against the PC. 

How to play

  • Jump so that you can dodge shots and press the button to lift your weapon and then shoot. You aim to get off the enemy from the rooftop. If you reach five in the first place, you win the game.

Controls - Player 1 

  • W - jump 
  • E - shoot

Controls - Player 2 

  • I - jump 
  • O - shoot

Features of the game

  • Fantastic music
  • 1 or 2 player modes
  • Unique costumes and environments 
  • You can join this crazy game for hours together. 

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